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Mark Altegoer Photography

Paris 13.11.2015

We came to Paris to visit a friend at Paris Photo, but that didn't happen because of the terrorist attacks. While we were on the Metro traveling to our room for the night, people were already dying all over the city. We didn't know what was happening around us at that time. We still hadn't noticed anything when I took the photo of the clock in our room. Then we heard the shocking news while the terrorists were still killing people. We didn't sleep much that night. The next morning we went for a walk along the Seine, to the Eiffel Tower and on the Champs-Elysees, even though we couldn't know if it was safe to go outside. Although almost every store and all tourist attractions were closed we still found some of the usual tourists taking photographs and some other people living their lives. But the city felt a lot less crowded, almost empty somehow. We were very tense until we left.

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