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Mark Altegoer Photography

Hiking inside

Somebody once told me some of these pictures look like they've been taken in the eastern part of Europe in the 1980s. No, they're much younger and they've been taken at other places. When we go hiking all over the world sometimes there's this stark contrast between the landscapes we see on the trails and the rooms of all the cheap hostels, motels, hotels, pensions and B&Bs we stay in while we're in town. When we go hiking it's not about luxury. When we go hiking it's not about the bragging rights and being able to say "I survived this and that". When we go hiking a major part of what it's all about is seeing what there is inside ourselves. What we find is not always fun, happiness, love, inspiration etc. When we go hiking sometimes we suffer, we are exhausted, we get sick and angry and sad, we have doubts, we have to face our fears and sometimes we see scenes that remind us of another place and time.

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