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May 2016: "Armed With Rubber Chickens"

I am very honoured to be part of a book project called "Armed With Rubber Chickens". Here is a quote from the editor Andrew Molitor: "This project is a collaboration. Some beautiful souls, mostly strangers to me, shared their photographs with me, trusting me to make something interesting." Well, I think he succeeded. Some photographs from my project "Hiking Inside" are included, and the way they are presented really lets them shine. I feel very proud when I look at my work in this book. I'd like to say a huge Thanks! to Andrew Molitor for putting all this together and bringing this project to life! You can see a preview of the book and buy it at Blurb: There is a more affordable "Trade Edition" and a more expensive "Photo Book Edition" that has better paper and printing. I hope you enjoy the book, feel free to send me your comments and thoughts through my Contact page.

March 2016: Homepage redesign completed!

Finally I've managed to put up a completely redesigned homepage. This will be the place where I'm going to show my photography projects. Although it's all a work in progress, I want to have a place where I can point people to and just say: There you have it, this is what I like to photograph, these pictures are the results of my travels, this is what I like to do with my time. The first two projects that I share here are "Paris 13.11.2015" and "Hiking Inside". But there are more projects coming soon! And I even try to add photographs to an existing series when I think they add something new and unique to it. I hope you enjoy my homepage and the new look. Feel free to send me your comments and thoughts through my Contact page.

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