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Mark Altegoer Photography

Mark Altegoer is born in Germany in 1971 and currently based in the area of Cologne and Bonn. He has self-published several books, including photographic diaries about crossing the Alps on foot and "One year Hiking". Recently he was featured in the book project "Armed With Rubber Chickens". In 2013/14, Mark and his wife Antje quit their jobs and traveled around America, Australia and Asia for a whole year to do some projects including hiking, photography and volunteer work. Soon they will have another gap year to continue pursuing these projects. Mark has never had a solo or group exhibition and has never been the recipient of fellowships or awards, he just won an online travel photography contest years ago. Press coverage of his work is non-existent until today and he is not represented by any gallery or agency.

"That's me: Photographer. Traveller. Writer. Teacher. Husband. Hiker. Tall. German. Human. I hike/bike/travel around the world whenever my time allows. I have already visited a lot of countries in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia and I plan to visit some more soon. Taking photographs since the 1980s, I mostly work on long term projects about people, places and things I find. Take photos. Keep it simple. Tell the truth."

Photo taken at McAfee Knob on the Appalachian Trail 2014 by Antje Altegoer.

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